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Kids Listen podcasters are brewing up fun for the entire family this Halloween!

In a year which has been most unusual, we are happy to continue our tradition of fun Halloween episodes from your favorite podcasts.

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With most families stuck at home, and the news setting new records for serious content daily, this April Fool’s day is not one to be missed!

This year we have some new shenanigans for you and your family to enjoy!

April Eight

Well, it looks like Roxie, April’s dog and podcasting sidekick, is taking over the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast because, no really, April’s daughters have accidentally turned her into a gnome!

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“On one mystic magic night,
Jack O Lanterns glowing bright,
kids with bags of candy sweet,
roam door to door and street to street,
all dressed up for trick or treat!…” — Patricia L. Cisco


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It’s warming up all over in the Northern Hemisphere! Days are getting longer, tests will be finished soon (even our buddies in Oceania will be getting a break soon!), you know what that means…


Kids Listen is here for you with a playlist your entire family will enjoy. We’re exploring the theme of: Schools almost Out for Summer from such diverse points of view as literature, storytelling, history and animal facts!

Or check out our custom…

We’re excited to announce our first-ever Kids Listen Sweeps! KL members will take a common theme and present it through our diverse podcasts, tackling it from several different angles. Think of it as the most enjoyable unit study you’ve ever heard.

Brennen Power

Brennen is a reformed professional baker and full-time homeschooling father. He helps his kids with their podcast

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